The Conference invites the papers in the following domains / tracks but not limited to:

Track 1: Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Advances in Mechanical engineering includes advances and developments in Automation & Robotics, Design Engineering, Thermal & Fluid Science, and Manufacturing & Material Science Mechatronics, Automobile and Future mobility. Other topics related to mechanical engineering discipline are also welcome.

Track 2: Convergence of AI, IOT and Blockchain Technologies for Futuristic Innovations

The usage of artificial intelligence has been increased to a variety of applications in diverse domains. To build newer applications. There is a need for convergence of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Soft Computing and Blockchain technologies. The convergence of AI, IoT and blockchain technologies is intended to meet very high-performance outcomes. The common theme(s) that make the papers a coherent set but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Emergence and Convergence of AI, IoT and Blockchain for Intelligent Systems
  • Internet of Things(IoT) and IoT applications
  • IoT and AI for industry 4.0, AI & IoT, IoT and Blockchain
  • Intelligent Cyber-physical Systems for Industry 4.0
  • Embedded Systems with Cyber-physical Systems
  • Applications ML and Soft Computing in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Digital Twin

Track 3: Advances in Communication, Computing, Control

Subjects of the scope of the conference include Advances in computing, control and automation, communication & networking, Embedded & VLSI, Power and Renewable Energy Systems, Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, 5G technology. The track does not limit its scope to the but any original work in electronics and telecommunication technologies.

Track 4 : Research Trends in Information Technology

Information Technology is a major domain where different technologies have been incorporated to carry out research in multiple eras like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, deep learning, neural network etc. This results in product outcome and contributes to the nation for progress in technology advancement.

Track 5: Recent Advancements in Civil Engineering Research

Recent advancements in various sub-branches like structural engineering, water resources Engineering, Geotechnical engineering are welcome. Also, research papers in the field of transportation engineering, environmental engineering, foundation engineering, tunnel engineering and ocean engineering with recent advancements will be equally accepted. Additionally, any application of soft computing techniques or Artificial intelligence in the civil engineering field will be considered on merit.

Track 6 : Material Science and Engineering

The conference track will focus on high impact topics in Material Science Engineering and will bring together professionals from industry, research and academia to share and discuss cutting-edge research in Materials Science and its applications. The networking of researchers facing materials scientists and engineers is one of the objectives.